Pet Liability Insurance

for dogs & horses

In addition to our pet's state of health we care about, our loved ones also are always good for furthers surprises, and not all of these make us laugh. Sometimes it just takes a split second of carelessness on our behalf and quickly somebody is hurt, property damaged, or a stranger feels the need to prosecute us for their financial-loss. These are not uncommon circumstances and for this German companies offer

'Pet Owner liability Insurance'

Pet Owner liability Insurance for dogs & horses

In Germany only dogs & horses are obliged to have their own insurance cover against liability claims, all other smaller pets fall under the owners own (family) private liability insurance.
The reason for this is because especially dogs and horses are extremely unpredictable and every owner of an animal is liable for the financial consequences an incident could entail.

Insured Risks:

  • Personal Injury, Property Damage & Financial Loss
  • Risks caused by any person taking care of the animal and/or riding the horse
  • Possession and usage of dog-, horse- or draft animal trailers that do not require registration/ insurance

Claim examples:

  • Intended mating
  • The policy holder's mare kicks the specially ordered stallion so badly that it needs medical treatment. The insurance will pay for the vet bills.
  • Unintended mating
    Whilst taking the dog our for a walk, the male dog impregnates a strange dog. The owner might be confronted with the expenses for abortion, vet or even the rearing of the puppies.