Legal Insurance

Private-, Job- Traffic-, Landlord- and Tenants protection

Traffic Legal Insurance

In the policyholder‘s capacity as the owner or operater of any motor vehicle or trailer registered to him/her or provided with an insurance plate in his/her name when the policy is taken out or during the term of the policy and as the hirer of any motor vehicle and trailer rented by him/her as a self-drive rental vehicle for temporary use. The insurance cover extends to all persons in their capacity as authorised drivers of or authorised passengers in these motor vehicles.

Coverage includes the following.

  • Administrative legal protection in traffic matters
  • Compensatory damages
  • Contract and property law
  • Criminal legal protection
  • Disciplinary and professional ethics
  • Regulatory offence
  • Social-security-tribunal
  • Tax matters before courts

Be on the safe side!

Whether you have purchased the right insurance you will normally only ever find out when having to claim. Foremost 'quality' should predominate 'price' with any insurance product. Trust in your broker is a good thing, but control is a better one. "Franke & Bornberg" ratings will make the right choice.

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