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Morgan Price is an international healthcare company that with its simple and competitive products provides peace of mind from an uncomplicated application to filing claims and receiving reimbursement. Working in various markets across the world, Morgan Price offer a range of plans appropriate to each location and are one of the founding members of the Association of International Medical Insurance Providers (AIMIP).

Their clients are central to everything that they do and as such they are committed to treating customers in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd, a specialist international private medical insurance provider formed in 1999, is a reliable, honest, international healthcare company, providing peace of mind with simple and competitive products. They are a UK based company and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Working in various markets across the world, Morgan Price offer a range of plans appropriate to each location and are one of the founding members of the Association of International Medical Insurance Providers (AIMIP).


Their clients are central to everything that they do and as such they are committed to treating customers in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

2 Ways to insure yourself with Morgan Price's Evolution plans

1. Full Medical Underwriting
74 years of age is the maximum at the start date of the policy.
Morgan Price cover most medical conditions and for this reason need to assess the client's state of health by presenting 54 medical questions.
These questions focus on the clients former health insurance history, medical consultations and examinations by a general doctor in the last 12 months or by a specialist in the last 5 years but also go into specifics, related to disorders such as, AIDS/ ARC/ HIV, blood pressure, brain, cancer, chest pains, cholesterol, cystic fibrosis, dentures, diabetes, ears, eye, hernias, immune system, kidney, liver, lung, mental status, neurological functions, nose, prostate, respiratory system, skin, thyroid, ulcers, urinary tract.


2. Moratorium Clause
55 years of age is the maximum at the start date of the policy.
Any pre-existing conditions during the 5-year period before start date are not covered but, unless the condition is not specifically excluded, will become eligible for cover after being insured for continuous 2 years. In addition, since initial treatment the claimant must be symptom-free, have not consulted any medical practitioner nor been prescribed or taken medicine, including over the counter drugs, special diets, injections or physiotherapy.

Severe illnesses that may not have been identified however manifest themselves in the first 6 months of a policy will be deemed pre-existing.


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  • Contact

    General enquiries:


     Tel.: +44 1379 646 730
     Fax.: +44 1379 652 794
    Data Protection:

    (Evolution plans only!)


    Email: mpclaims[at]

       Worldwide: +44 3300 581 668  
       Germany: +49 32 211 122 010



    How to make a complaint
    Customer complaints can be filed by email using info[at], or in writing to:
    Morgan Price (Europe) ApS
    ØENS Virksomhedsadministration ApS
    Complaints Department
    Lergravsvej 59, 1
    2300 København S
  • Offices

    Office Address:

    Morgan Price (Europe) ApS
    ØENS Virksomhedsadministration ApS
    Lergravsvej 59, 1
    2300 København S

  • Plan Range

    Full Medical Insurance:

    • Evolution Health plans
      • Standard (not suitable for Germany!)
      • Standard Plus (economic solution)
      • Comprehensive (basic all-round cover)
      • Premium (good value for money)
      • Elite (top of the range)


    Areas of Cover:
    The 'Evolution Health' plans of Morgan Price offer 4 different geographical areas of cover.

    • Area 1 - 50 countries*
    • Area 2 - Worldwide (without China, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA)
    • Area 3 - Worldwide (without USA)
    • Area 4 - Worldwide

    *Area 1 is defined as:
    Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic,Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, all islands of the Mediterranean, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madeira, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia (West of the Urals), Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Vatican State.


    Morgan Price's 'Evolution Health' plans are underwritten by:
    SI Insurance (Europe),SA that is a Germany based subsidiary of the Luxembourg insurer SI Insurance (Europe)
  • Claim Handling

    Claim submission deadline:
    3 months, as from date of treatment

    Pre-authorisations required:
    Within Morgan Price's Policy Wording you will find the following benefits that require pre-authorisation and should treatment be carried out without preauthorisation as per their detailed benefit schedule, they apply a 25% co-payment to each claim.

    • In-patient
      • Hospital stay
      • Day-patient treatment
      • Psychiatric treatment
      • Rehabilitation care
      • Kidney dialysis
      • Organ implantation
    • Out-patient
      • Psychiatric treatment
    • Cancer treatment
      • Chronic conditions
        • Hospice care treatment
        • HIV and AIDS treatment
      • Dental treatment
        • Extraction of wisdom teeth
      • Maternity benefits
      • Medical evacuation and repatriation (incl. to home country)


      If admitted to hospital in the event of an emergency, to avoid a 25% co-payment Morgan Price needs to be contacted within 2 days by the patient, a representative, or even a member of the hospital staff.
    • Special Features

      'My Morgan Price' app

      Designed to allow the clilents to take their policy details with whenever, and wherever they go.
      For more details see their phamplet (link).

      Same Day Turnaround

      Exclusive to ERICON broker, Morgan Price have committed themselves to turn around all applications based on the moratorium clause (pre-existing conditions excluded), that are paid by credit card and submitted before 3 p.m. CET.

    • Key Terms

      Early Cancellation

      14 days’ notice in writing to cancel the policy from the date of receipt of such instruction or from a future date, but under no circumstances is a retrospective cancellation possible.

      Provided no claims or pre-authorisations have been put in place during the current period of insurance, a pro-rata refund may be applicable. If a claim has been made no refund possible and outstanding instalment premiums remain payable.

      Administration fee: £/€/$ 30.00


      Depending on country of residency, further paperwork might be required!

      Waiting Periods

      Benefit / TreatmentWaiting Period
      Congenital12 months
      Dental6 months
      Infertility12 months
      HIV and AIDS
      (as a result of a blood transfusion)
      2 years
      Maternity10 months
      12 months


    Covid Vaccine

    With Morgan Price the COVID vaccine is covered under the Wellness benefit  5A (link) and not subject to a deductible.
    As an example: On their Standard Plus plan Morgan Price reimburse a max. 100.00€, per person/ per annum once the general 12-month waiting period on their Wellness benefit has been exceeded.

    Please note that vaccinations for adults are really meant for travel purposes only i.e. Typhoid, or Malaria medications. Thus, routine vaccinations such as the flu jab is actually not covered.

    How to claim:
    The claim form (link) needs to be taken to the appointment and the medical facility will need to fill out the according section.
    On sending the claim form to Morgan Price and paying for the treatment upfront, reimbursement will follow swiftly. to claim form.

    Morgan Price Announcements

    December 2021 - Review For January 2022

    The following updates apply to all Evolution plans and for those members situated in the European Union/ European Economic Area.

    • Premium review postponed until 1st April 2022
    • Introduction of telemedicine online doctor consultations
      All members will be able to book and consult with fully qualified medical practitioners at no extra cost and regardless of their location

    October 2020 - BREXIT

    As you will be aware the United Kingdom left the EU on 31/01/2020.

    Following this date there is an agreed period of transition in place that means we can continue to offer you terms with Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd and your Insurer Elmo Insurance Limited of Malta.

    Once the post Brexit deal between the UK and the EU is finalised, there will be a necessity for your policy to be managed from within the EU and Morgan Price has established an EU company to do this.

    To be clear - your cover will not be affected by this change of administration office. The Insurer is and will remain Elmo Insurance Limited post the final deal being agreed, and you will have seamless cover going forward.

    We understand that this period of uncertainty over Brexit has gone on for a long time and is still not quite finalised, but we want to assure you as a loyal Morgan Price Customer that any change will have no impact on the servicing of or cover provided under your policy.

    Please be assured we have everything in place and you will be kept updated when the time comes and we move the administration over to our EU company over the next year.

    Meanwhile we look forward to continuing to offer you the first class service that Morgan Price strives to provide.

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