As much as it makes sense to protect ourselves against the consequences of our actions as individual beings, it makes the same sense to do the same as the owner of a horse, knowing that animals are unpredictable creatures and in the event of an incident with a Third Party involved, there is an insurance policy in the background that will compensate or fight-off unjust financial demands from the damaged party.

What does Private Horse Liability insurance cover

The main risks all horse liability insurances insure are:

General insured sums are offered for between 1 to 50 million Euros, but instead of looking at how much an insurance company will pay in total and then who much it will cost in premium, people should rather focus on what happenings an insurer covers and which they don't. This is tricky and with more than 65 providers and 400 tariffs, a wise decision to consult a broker.

These Horse Liability benefits are available

The costs of Horse Liability Insurance

With annual deductibles ranging between 0 to 1,000€, the cheapest horse liability insurance plan for 1 horse and its owner can be purchased for around 65€ per year, however paying more than 250€ for a plan of inferior quality is also easily done.

We at ERICON broker will offer only excellent value-for-money products, e.g. a plan with 10 million Euros insured sum, no deductible and for no more than 125€ per year! Continous support and advice of course free of charge.