We at ERICON broker understand the needs and troubles military personnel find themselves in when first arriving in Germany or Belgium (SHAPE), seeking to purchase affordable insurance for their car, motorbike, motor home, caravan or any other kind of wheeled vehicle. After “shopping around” people soon realise that the way insurance works "on the European continent" is far different to "back home".
This overwhelming experience sadly often leads people to go for the first and foremost convenient offer, which when having to file a claim, often proves to have been the wrong decision when they realise that the motor insurance plan they purchased, fails to meet their expectations, costing them dearly.

Insurers and especially their representatives commonly praise their product to be “the best”, “the most comprehensive” and/or “the cheapest”, relying on the fact that their new customer does not speak the native language. Hence, for a non-German speaking person it is virtually impossible to swiftly verify such proclaimed pledges, purely because the Terms & Conditions are written in a foreign language and juridical papers are very rarely meant to be understandable, not even to local consumers.

Indisputably car insurance is not rocket science, thus every respectable intermediary giving advice to most particularly military personnel, regardless of kind - NATO, Canadian Forces or SHAPE - should be able to explain the particularities within no time and send the appropriate “small-print” before asking their potential new client to take the motor insurance offer to the next level - proposal.
Therefore, should you ever find yourself in a rush or want to sign-up over the phone, latter having its advantages, why not ask about the exclusions for the type of insurance cover you wish to purchase. This method is quick, very effective and bearing the general rule in mind: "if a benefit is not excluded it is covered!", a safe approach.

Important advice:
Should you have already signed up but do not feel comfortable with your choice– no worries! German insurance proposals can be revoked within 2 weeks of receiving the policy documentation and all relevant paperwork.
For more advice, please do no hesitate to contact us.

Does your motor insurance plan offer the following terms / benefits/ services?




WHY NOT ?????

The above-mentioned selling points are standard benefits and services, thus no reason for any BFG, NATO or SHAPE personnel to find themselves without. Furthermore, our expertise, professionalism and consistent urge to improve customer service are secondary but also solid arguments why you can place your trust in ERICON broker.