Claiming that "Whether it’s for yourself, your family or your business, we are committed to giving you the freedom of being in charge of your healthcare...”, with their team of dedicated staff, always within easy reach, Freedom Health Insurance by de facto provide good value for little money.

Range of coverage
Their range of health plans can be for individual, families or corporate, and they offer the freedom for you to select the plan that suits your needs and have a good track record of being dedicated in making the process not only personal but keeping it simple. One excellent illustration of latter is their 1-page application form!

Why we would choose 'Freedom Health Insurance'

> Only pay for one child
With Freedom’s ‘Worldwide’ tariff, you only pay for the first child on your policy. All additional children up to a total of 3 are fully covered at no extra cost.

> Deductibles don’t affect insured sums
If you choose an annual excess for your health insurance policy, this will not affect your policy limits.
Example: Freedom’s Platinum plan has a 1,500€ per year reimbursement limit for outpatient physiotherapy treatment. Having agreed to pay the initial medical costs of up to 250€ per year yourself, filing a claim for physiotherapy treatment will not lower the reimbursement amount accordingly. Therefore you are still able to make full use of the 1,500€ insured sum.

> Lifetime policy
Freedom's maximum age of acceptance is up to 74 and with security for a lifetime.

> No surcharge for paying monthly by SEPA Direct Debit
Most insurers charge extra for paying monthly, yet Freedom do not apply any surcharge to your premium when you choose to pay in instalments by SEPA Direct Debit.


5 Ways you can insure yourself with Freedom Health Insurance

Full Medical Underwriting

Freedom ask a number of health questions, review the information and if necessary, ask the client’s medical practitioner to provide more information before deciding what cover can be offered.

Any pre-existing conditions requiring treatment in the future are usually excluded along with any condition related to them. However, some exclusions can be reviewed on the client’s request and after a specific period.

The advantage of full medical underwriting is that new acute medical conditions arising after the inception of the policy will be covered immediately.

Moratorium (no medical questions)

With moratorium underwriting no medical related questions are asked at the point of application because not covered are any claims related to pre-existing conditions during the first two years of the policy, for which the insured received treatment and/ or medication, asked for advice on, or had symptoms (diagnosed or not), during the two years immediately before the policy started.

Also, conditions that arise after the policy commencement date, but can be related to a pre-existing condition will be excluded too.

Moratorium underwriting is only recommendable to those who are completely healthy, or have suffered from very mild and fully healed medical conditions.

Continued Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME)

Having held medical insurance with another company the client may be able to apply for a transfer of the previous full medical underwriting to Freedom Health Insurance.

Freedom will ask a number of questions about health and need a copy of the previous insurer’s certificate of insurance.
If transferred is approved, any personal exclusions outlined on the insurer’s previous certificate of insurance will also be applied to the Freedom policy.

Continued Moratorium (CM)

Having held previous medical insurance with another insurer on moratorium underwriting, the client may be eligble to apply for a transfer of already elapsed time to Freedom Health Insurance.

Freedom ask a number of questions about health and need to see a copy of the certificate of insurance from the other insurer. Once the transfer is approved the moratorium commencement date from the previous insurer will be taken into consideration.

Medical History Disregarded (MHD)

Joing a group scheme Freedom will not apply any medical exclusions to the policy as a result of pre-existing conditions.

Freedom Health Insurance in Germany

The majority of our clients in Germany are expats, freelancers, self-employed or students in major German cities like Aachen, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart.

Furthermore, signing up with Freedom though ERICON broker you will become eligble to purchase mandatory German nursing insurance, in German: "Pflegepflichtversicherung" (PVN). For more information on 'PVN' please follow this internal link.


Freedom Announcements

04.03.2021 - Coronavirus (Covid-19) – What to expect from your policy.

The Covid-19 virus has been classified as a global Pandemic by the WHO. Freedom Health Insurance would like to reassure its customers that we will cover treatment required if an insured individual contracts covid-19 and needs treatment. Furthermore, we will cover the costs of a test in the event it is required to confirm that symptoms are covid-19 related and/or in the event a test is required in advance of surgical treatment. Please note – tests are not covered for travel or work purposes. If you are unsure if something is covered or not, please contact the toll-free number: 0800 000 9349.

Taking you no more than 3 minutes to complete our Freedom Health Insurance enquiry form, you will have not just a quotation within 48 hours - this we guarantee!

Our obligation-free quote not only state the premiums of all suitable plans for Germany, if required, but also includes all information necessary to get a clear picture of the benefits but also exclusions.