Buildings insurance is not mandatory in Germany, but a “should have insurance” as it covers the repair costs caused by damage to the structure itself, fittings within, the property and even auxiliary buildings (e.g. garage, garden- or guest house) on the same plot.

And although not compulsory, buildings insurance is usually a condition imposed by banks when taking out a mortgage, as it ensures the bank’s security – your house - in the event of a total loss. Hence, buildings insurance covers today’s cost when having to reconstruct a building.

Standard insured Endangerments

The following standard risks are covered by every building insurance plan, regardless of premium.

  • fire
    • torch
    • lightning
    • explosion
    • implosion
    • impact of a air-/ landcraft
  • storm & hail
  • tap-water, frost and other breakages
  • burglary, vandalism and robbery
The following natural hazards can be included for an additional premium .
  • Avalanche
  • Earthquake
  • Flood, backwater
  • High tide
  • Landslide, subsiding ground & sinkhole
  • Lightning (not all insurers)
  • Heavy rainfall (not all insurers)
  • Snow pressure
  • Volcanic eruption


The most important benefits:

Good value for money are these benefits: